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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

She talks!

Izzy had Early Intervention today.  We were meeting in her old playgroup classroom, the informal one she went to before she was old enough to be a part of the structured "official" group.  I think Miss J and I were both expecting her to be very hesitant since she probably doesn't remember the room and new things make her so anxious but she did really well.  She spent some time hiding behind me and pretending Miss J wasn't there but eventually some of the toys caught her interest and she even went through several period of talking to Miss J!  We still had plenty of silence where she verbally shut down but even then she was still engaging Miss J, showing her things, making eye contact, gesturing for her to play, too.  Eye contact and engaging and talking?  That makes for a fantastic visit :D

Sunday, July 20, 2014

I'm a spider!

Last night before bed, we took a family walk :)  Izzy loves to go for walks and whenever we visit my parents, she bugs my mom to take her on walks around the neighborhood.  We typically go for walks at local parks that have walking trails but last night, we opted for around our neighborhood.  We don't do this often because there are no sidewalks but it seemed to be a quiet night and we tried to stick to the lesser traveled side roads.

We meandered our way to a small park and despite it being a rather sad old park, the kids were very excited to stop and play because it was "new".  They can have fun just about anywhere, as long as they can say they were at a park :)

S decided to go head first up and over this and he got stuck LOL  He wanted me to take and picture and then get him down :p
B also loved it and spent most of his time climbing up and then lowering himself down through the bars so he could swing :)

S also declared himself a spider and this was his web:
And they never go in the same direction!