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Monday, September 1, 2014

School is almost back

I think all of us are feeling a little anxiety about school starting back up.  S is suffering from is "normal" anxiety but I think once he gets back and is reminded that now he gets to talk to his friends, he'll be feeling good about his return.  I had talked with his new teacher on the phone and met her in person at the Open House last week and she seems not only nice but also committed to helping S be successful.  She had consulted with his third grade teacher to find out some of the strategies that helped him last year and she had already set them up :)  This teacher was handpicked by last year's teacher and the rest of his IEP team so I am thinking we will have a good year.  He's not convinced, though!

B is very excited but I am a bundle of nerves.  Change is always hard for him and while I am hoping things go well, I am expecting some rough days (or weeks. maybe months). He and I went to his Open House together and he liked the teacher and aide and classroom but there were no other kids present when we were there and sometimes that really changes things for him.  Fingers crossed that the other students in his class are ones he will immediately declare his friends and want to hang out with every day :p 

Izzy is so excited about the upcoming school year and she will NOT believe me that she isn't going to school.  She's still on the wait list and the Early Intervention playgroup she might be attending won't start for at least another month.  We need a salary raise so we can get a membership to the Y again so she can take a class or something :p I need to check out the local library and see if they have any programs running for her age group!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Brain Dump

  • Izzy's neurology appointment was postponed due to a medical emergency for the doctor.  I hope whatever the emergency was, all is well.  So we go back in two weeks to see how she's doing.  I had planned on seeing neurology before she ran out of meds so I hadn't refilled it in case he wants to change what she's on but she is running out so S and I ran over to the children's hospital pharmacy today while we were up there for his podiatry appointment and got her new bottle. 
  • S was referred to podiatry a while back because I was concerned about how his feet roll inwards--he wears out one side of his shoes completely while the other side looks barely used.  It took a long time to get an appointment but we got one about six weeks ago and the podiatrist wants S to wear custom inserts.  We went in today to get them and when the tech pulled them out of the package, they were so small :p  Somewhere along the way the shoe size was mixed up.  So they took a new set of casts and are sending the too-small inserts back and getting the correct size made.  We go back in a month to get the (hopefully) correct pair. 
  • Izzy is still on the wait list for preschool.  We've been planning on her doing the weekly playgroup if she doesn't get in to continue getting support and working on social skills but we met with her EI worker earlier this week and they keep changing the program around and changing the criteria to qualify for group.  She is pretty sure Iz will still be able to get in but we won't know for sure until next month or maybe the month after.  Oy.
  • We moved!  We are technically farther away from the hospital but its a straight shot up the highway so its actually quicker than before.  Plus I don't have to drive an extra almost two hours every appointment running kids in the wrong direction for babysitting.  Logistically, this will make things much easier for me :p  And with three kids needing shuttling to specialists and therapies nearly an hour away, two school aged kids with homework, my own homework, and all the other things that go with just normal life, anything that makes things easier is a very good thing ;)
  • My cat has become even more protective of the kids lately.  He has taken to sleeping outside the boys' bedroom door and guarding it.
  • I hate humidity.  Please go away
  • Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!